Prep Troubleshooting

During your colonoscopy prep, what if:

  • You become nauseated while taking your prep? Stop drinking for 30 minutes. Allow the prep to pass. After your 30 minute wait, start drinking again, one glass every 15-20 minutes until prep is completed.
  • You become chilled while drinking your prep? Dress warmly, wrap up in a blanket. Drink clear warm fluids.
  • You don’t like the prep?
    Drink your prep chilled through a straw. Suck on a lime or lemon between glasses and keep trying!
  • Your bottom becomes irritated?
    Apply A & D ointment or Vaseline to the irritated area when you start your prep. Reapply after each trip to the bathroom. Use a wet wipe for cleaning after each bowel movement.
  • You just can’t drink the prep?
    After trying the above suggestions and if you begin to vomit and the prep will not stay down, call the doctor on call at (803) 799-4800 and inform him that your prep is not going well, so he can order an alternative prep for you.

Proper prepping is a necessity. A clean colon enables the physician to perform an accurate exam.