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At Columbia Gastroenterology Associates, we are committed to providing our patients with the most appropriate and cost-effective digestive healthcare available in a comfortable and compassionate setting. Our staff is specially trained to coordinate patient care and ensure that all medical needs are met, making our practice the right choice for those with digestive problems.

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Express Scheduling Colonoscopy

If you are over 45 and haven’t had a colonoscopy, take advantage of the Express Scheduling by contacting Columbia Gastroenterology Associates. This saves time by eliminating an additional office visit, and, if you have a co-pay, reduces your out-of-pocket cost for exactly the same care and quality treatment.

Save Time and Money - Schedule your colonoscopy without a consultation

So there's no good reason to wait to get checked, and with Express Scheduling there's no need to wait at all. Call 803-799-4800 today for more information.

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Our physicians have experience treating a wide variety of gastroenterological conditions, the most common of which are below. 


H. T.
H. T.
a year ago
Dr. Postic has really been a great doctor to me. What blew my gratitude for him out of the water was his concern enough to call me on his day off to go over my test results with me. Also, every time I go in he listens to me, makes notes on what I am saying, and offers resolutions and proper follow-ups. I feel like he really cares about me and my well-being. Thank you Dr. Postic!